«Mystically deep».

-  Rob Darris RBC Radio 2

«Impressing easy dark tones, as if Depeche Mode is chilling under the sun».

-  Rojo

Freeyoufreeme (FYFM) is Dmitry on saxophone, electronics and vocals and Betti on cajon, bass guitar and vocals.

Based in Budapest, most of the time FYFM is on the road, absorbing new emotions and inspirations. Softly groovy and dark, their music is inspired by mix of pure nature and noisy urbanism. Monotonous vocals, deep saxophone all covered with a blanket of thick pads and bass lines. Not resembling to anything, someone would say they are offsprings of Depeche Mode's sound engineer. 

Photo: Andras Deak


Фото: Sigal Mizrahi




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